Algonquin Family Health Team

About Us


Mission: We are our patients’ “Medical Home”- a central hub for timely, coordinated, comprehensive medical  services that meet our patients’ needs; where our interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers and Physicians work in collaboration to empower patients to improve and manage their own health.   It is AFHT’s mission to deliver high quality, evidence-based health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management programs.  We are committed to excellence in all that we do.

Vision: To be the primary healthcare provider of choice in the community we serve, by being a leader in comprehensive, interdisciplinary primary care, and by continuously evolving our programs to meet the changing needs of our community.

Values: Compassion – We will be responsive and concerned about the needs of our patients and their families and extend the same consideration to our colleagues.

Accountability – Each of us is accountable for what we do and say. We will demonstrate our professional accountability by honouring our commitments to our patients and each other by fulfilling the requirements of our position, and by abiding with professional standards.

Respect – Mutual respect is the foundation of effective working relationships. We will demonstrate respect for others by being fair, direct, courteous and considerate in our interactions with each other, and by valuing the dignity and worth of every individual.  We will strive to create an environment where we communicate openly and honestly in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients, their families and one another.

Teamwork – Each of us is an integral part of the FHT. We will demonstrate teamwork when we collaborate and cooperate with one another in our efforts to provide the best health care to our patients and to sustain a positive working environment.

We provide primary care services & programs in Huntsville, Dorset & local areas.
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