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The Algonquin Family Health Team (AFHT) is making all efforts possible to meet the needs of our community and the growing number of clients without a primary care provider.

Due to the high demand for a Physician or Nurse Practitioner,  the AFHT is currently only able to accept patients onto our wait list who live in the following areas:  Huntsville, Port Sydney, Utterson, Dwight, Dorset, Baysville, Novar and currently do not have a Physician or Nurse Practitioner in Muskoka.

  • In order to qualify for the Huntsville Physician and Nurse Practitioner Waitlist you must live within our catchment area.
  • If you live in our catchment area, you may register using the form provided below. Please note this is a waitlist only and does not guarantee you will be rostered to a Physician/Nurse Practitioner. We direct registrations to the Physicians/Nurse Practitioners and they accept patients into their practices accordingly. Please be assured that Algonquin Family Health Team and its employees follow a strict privacy policy to maintain your confidentiality. The information you provide below will only be used by Algonquin Family Health Team employees to connect you with a primary care provider.
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