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Geriatric Care

geriatric care

Program Overview

The Geriatric Care Team is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on the needs of at risk seniors. We provide comprehensive geriatric assessment and management to seniors within the AFHT. The team assists seniors and their caregivers in making decisions related to their care in an effort to maximize independent function and quality of life.

Geriatric care is responsive to seniors who may be experiencing health management issues during the aging process. These issues can include dementia, confusion, delirium, memory problems, mood symptoms, recent functional decline, falls, caregiver burden, medication and other issues.

The Geriatric Care Team is an outreach team. Seniors are seen and followed in their home/residence including retirement home. Each member of our team receives specialized training in the needs of the elderly and is dedicated to the provision of care to the elderly. The team includes 2 Registered Nurses, a Nurse Practitioner, a Social Worker and a specialized Client Care Coordinator from NSM LHIN HCC who works closely with your family physician or Nurse Practitioner.

Our goal is to maximize independent function and quality of life for at risk seniors and their caregivers with complex health problems.

Our team provides:

  • Disease management
  • Family/caregiver support
  • Information and advice
  • Liaison with others
  • Practical support, and
  • Emotional support.


We accept referrals from physicians or Nurse Practitioners affiliated with the Algonquin Family Health Team.

For more information contact Judith Braun at Link: Phone Number for Judith Braun (click to call) 705 787-0846 x202 or Link: Email for Judith Braun (click to call)

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