Algonquin Family Health Team

Roster With Your Doctor

Patients who are cared for by one of the Algonquin Family Health Team (AFHT) family physicians/Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are eligible to roster as a member of the AFHT.  As a rostered patient with the AFHT, the priority is to provide comprehensive care and continuity of care.

Comprehensive care is enhanced by the following:

  • Access to a variety of health services from the AFHT (See Programs & Services)
  • Primary nursing care in your physicians’ office
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Health to monitor preventative care measures including immunizations, and screening for breast cancer, cervical and colon cancer

Physician members/NPs of the AFHT ensure continuity of care by providing regular office hours and physician coverage.

Speak to your doctor about rostering with the AFHT.

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